Ceremony Structure


The ceremony can consist or all or none of the below. This is just a jumping off point for you to use when thinking about what you want your ceremony to be.


The Procession

This is when everyone walks down the aisle and takes their place for the actual ceremony. You each make your way to the front separately, which symbolises that the couple are coming from different backgrounds. The bride and/or groom can be accompanied by whom ever they wish.


The Celebrant’s Introduction

This is where the celebrant will introduce themselves and welcome the guests. A few words about what marriage means to the couple and their journey to this point. An acknowledgement of the people at the ceremony and what their being there means to the couple. This can be a fun or serious as the couple wishes



This is optional, but it makes a great transition into the next part of the ceremony. The reading or poem can reflect points that were made in the introduction in a poetic way and it bulks out the ceremony. It is also a lovely way to include special people by having them read.


Declaration of Intent (optional).

This is where the Celebrant or another guest asks if the couple are ready to pledge themselves to one another


Parents Blessing (optional)

This is a lovely part of the ceremony where the parents are asked if they offer their blessing for their child to marry and that they will welcome the spouse into their family. You can also extend this to the guests by asking for a call of support for the marriage


The Exchange of Vows

The vows are the most important part of the ceremony. They can be whatever words the couple choose that express how each feels, their hopes and their dreams for their marriage. They can be read, memorised or repeated after the Celebrant. There is also the legal requirement that full names must be used by both parties and that they take each other to be husband or wife.


The Ring Exchange (optional)

It is a long standing tradition to exchange rings along with some heart felt words of love


The Pronouncement of Marriage

The Celebrant makes it official ("I now pronounce you husband and wife").


The Kiss

And now the moment everyone's been waiting for: your first kiss as a married couple.


Reading II (optional)

This can be a blessing or a poem if you like


The Signing

The couple, two witnesses and the Celebrant must complete the legal documents. It is nice to have some music playing during this part as it may take a few minutes


The Conclusion

The couple will come and stand up front again and the Celebrant will say a few words or a blessing. The guests will stand and the Celebrant will “present” the couple as married perhaps using “Mr & Mrs”, or whatever names the couple chooses


The Recessional

Basically the reverse of the processional, the couple exit the ceremony together as a married couple, followed by the wedding party.








Photography- Anthea Lawrence