Your wedding day is all about you. If it is just the two of you or a handful of friends & family we can help you to create your perfect Petite Pop-up Wedding. We can include anything you want, or have it as simple as just performing the legalities….. it is 100% your day, we just facilitate your vision.

Please fill out this form so we can get an idea of what your vision is for your perfect day.

All Marry Me Petite Pop-up Weddings come with my official Celebrant Services. If you don’t know how much you want to spend on individual elements of the wedding, that’s ok, just give an overall budget and we can supply options.

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Bride/Grooms Name
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Bride/Grooms Phone
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Groom/Brides Name
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Do you want to find a venue for the ceremony? It is not necessary, but we can provide some ideal venues if you wish. Do you want rustic, outdoors, mountain top, remote? Indoors or outdoors? Do you want to have a sit down meal or buffet at the ceremony location or venue?
When do you want photos taken? Will you have getting ready shots? Main photos before or after ceremony?
Will you want a simple picnic or a full reception?
Specific wines or drinks. Please note down specific wines if you wish
Specific flowers, colours or styles
What flavour cake. Will it be used for dessert? Special requirements? Colour & style
Specific decorations.... lights, archways etc
Hair style, makeup style. Do the stylists need to come to you?
We can source live music or we can play music from your playlist.
What music will you have playing and when? Will music play as the bride enters? Who is controlling the music? Do you want live music?
Things like helicopter, boat ride, 4WD, Car hire, VW Combi etc
We can reccommend some lovely places to stay the night before and the nght of the wedding if you would like.
Boutique hotel, glamping, etc
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Photography- Anthea Lawrence