Steps to creating Wedding Vows

This is the prefect opportunity to say how much your partner means to you in front of all your favourite people


Personalise or keep to tradition?

This is totally up to you and your partner. You can write your own words or I can help with some ideas & samples

Writing your own vows

Start with brainstorming! Write down words that your would like to incorporate into your vows. Think about special moments in your relationship, look at photos to capture the feelings that you had at that time and write down the words that come to mind.

Find Inspiration

Use the internet, books, poems, songs or movies to gain some inspiration for how you imagine the ceremony and vows to look.


Start with the obvious. Head up a page with "Beginning", Middle" & "End". Use bullet points, including your key words, that you can use to craft into beautiful and heartfelt vows. Remember to keep editing until it is just right.


To make sure your well crafted words are delivered with sincerity, you must practice. Use the mirror, a friend or two who can give honest feedback or even video yourself and play it back. Speak with confidence and a smile, making sure to project your voice so everyone will be able to hear.

On the Day

With all that will be going on, it can be difficult to remember your vows, even after practicing. It might pay to have them written down on small cards to use to prompt you. I am happy to hold them, or make them small enough to hold hidden in the palm of your hand. I have a small PA system you can use as well.